Shackled City Adventuring Path

At this very moment, the party (who’s name has not been decided yet) is wrestling through the events in Cauldron. As the party is not particularly good, Cauldron is a good place for them to have a nice time.
Please read the adventure logs of Ronny King. There many of the twisted scenes in Cauldron can be revealed.

The party has yet not found a name. There are many discussions about names (short to very long), so for now the party’s name is the unnamed party.

The most powerful and best know character of the unnamed party is a priest of Kossuth. This man has acquired a temple and several buildings in Cauldron. Unfortunately there are some jealous strifeleaders (specialty priests of Cyric) who would rather see the man exterminated. fortunately our priest has support of his foremost friends:
- Marianne, a beautiful woman who is very intelligent and wise.
- Miior, marianne’s assistant
- Elandra, a woman with godlike beauty
- a user of the force, who recently showed is power in the force (by cutting several opponents in half)
- Ronny King, the bard
- Leonard, a paladin who desperately tries not to ask to many questions about the goals of the party

Forgotten Realms

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