Forgotten Realms

Behold the names of Kossuth and Beelzebub

It seems that the name of Kossuth has spread beyond the walls of Cauldron. An adventuring party arrives at the Temple of Kossuth. Brandgar Lampros and Grimmac Ogden confront them in the entrance fo the Temple of Kossuth. The adventurers present themselves to the guards as The Fire Hounds and requested an audience with the high priest. The attending guards are reluctant at first, as the four adventurers had a fifth member, who actually seemed more like a prisoner. Grimmac Ogden took a closer look. He recognised the man is one of the priests of Kossuth. Grimmac Ogden now speeds up the stairs to attend Sulpherius, the everburning flame of the situation.

When Sulpherius arrives, the four adventurers present themselves as:

  • Velkalan Uthar, a Firewalker;
  • Balhrim Crackhammer, a Dwarven Fighter;
  • Ilnor Winterfoot, a Halfling Rogue;
  • Narlan Kianthas, a Half Elf Mage (Invoker).
    Appearently they had an encounter with the adventurers who were sent to Ludeth to invite a couple of high priests of Kossuth to come to Cauldron. Sulpherius, the everburning flame, hopes to get promotion in the ranks of Kossuth had hired a band of adventurers to accompany the priest to Ludeth. There the priest would ask for some priests to accompany them to vote for Sulpherius his ascension. Unfortunately the The Fire Hounds stumbled upon them and saw them as false profets of Kossuth. They slaughtered most of them, except for one, who tried to convince them that he was a Firewalker, specialty priest of Kossuth. Fortunately The Fire Hounds spared him.
    When the The Fire Hounds were telling this, Sulpherius, the everburning flame face starts to turn grim, telling he is not very pleased with these actions.
    As a repayment, The Fire Hounds were willing to take over the quest to go to Ludeth to invite the high priests so that Sulpherius’ promotion can become a fact.

Not only the word of Kossuth has spread, but apparently the word of Beelzebub was told far enough to attract some followers. Four bugbears arrive at the Malachite Fortress through the Underdark passage. The Drow Elves bring them before Kazul to explain their motives. They explain that they wanted to help spreading the word of Beelzebub and as a token of thrust they have a human sacrifice with them: a survivor of some party that had wandered into these bugbears in the Underdark during an Underdark excursion. Kery shackled the survivor next to Marianne (her body was currently in possession of the Content Not Found: spell-weaver and the sacrifice for Elandra. Those four bugbears count two fighters and two priests of Beelzebub:

  • Felldrak, a warrior;
  • Rulkriss, a warrior;
  • Sharvakas, Disciple of Baalzebul;
  • Evelcore, Disciple of Baalzebul.
    As of now, they assist in the training of the two acolytes of Kazul: Essuth and Kellen, help to guard the compound and perform rituals to Baalzebul.

The following hours and days were going to be very important for Elandra, as she wanted try to convice Beelzebub to give back her soul.
Kazul explained her earlier the ritual that needs to be performed to contact Beelzebub. The ritual started and Elandra used a dagger to slit the throat of the unfortunate sacrifice while using his blood to fill a bath. Meanwhile four priests of Beelzebub (Kazul, Miior, Sharvakas and Evelcore) chanted together while the blood of the sacrifice filled the bath. Kery plunged a hook through the feet of the still twitching body and hung the sacrifice upside down. Once the sacrifice stopped bleeding, Kery decapitated the body with a well-aimed blow of his axe.
While all four disciples of Beelzebub keep chanting, Essuth and Kellen fill the bath with buckets of larvae. Elandra undresses herself and steps in the bath. Essuth lights four candles, while the four disciples of Beelzebub keep chanting. After a couple of minutes, the flies in the room fly to Elandra and start teasing her. At this point the disciples stop chanting. Only the sound of the flies fill the room now. After a couple of minutes Elandra thought she heared a voice in the flies. To her astonishment, indeed Beelzebub was speaking to her through the flies. Elandra gets the feeling that the words come from different directions.
Elandra asks her soul back and arguments that she provided two souls in return. The sudden increased buzzing of the flies gives Elandra the impression that the conversation doesn’t go very well. Indeed, Beelzebub replies two souls is not enough. After a couple of irritating questions from Beelzebub, he gives Elandra three options:

  • gather another three souls,
  • gather the soul of a paladin,
  • carry a child of Beelzebub.
    Elandra got rid of the third option in the blink of an eye. Gathering the soul of a paladin was something Elandra has already tried in the past, unfortunately to no avail. So only the first option holds.
    The flies went back to the dead orc bodies in the room, which implied that Beelzebub has ended the conversation.
    Elandra is determined to have her soul back as soon as possible, so she is not going to loose any time.
    Elandra plans to hang around in the Tipped Tankard Tavern the coming evening (and night if necessary) to seduce men. As she needs three more unlucky souls, she planned to seduce and marry three more men. Elandra visited the Tipped Tankard Tavern.
    She decides not to waste much time and so approaches the first man she suspects to be single (although she doesn’t not care at all). After a short talk and a drink the man comes willingly with Elandra for the time of his life. Elandra takes him to Ronny’s bookshop, where they enjoy a short stay and he experiences the time of his life. After doing some huplethepub, Elandra invites him to the basement. Although he did not immediately understand this move, he follows her. When he sees what the real basement looks like (including the oracle), he tries to run. Fortunately for Elandra, Kery catches him easily. Before he comes to his senses, aA high priest of Beelzebub offers him a contract. The contract states that he would give everything to marry Elandra. The poor man feared what was happening. He is also delighted to marry a woman with godlike beauty. Elandra pushes the man into signing the contract using her art of seduction, letting him forget his fears. After the marriage, Elandra has no further need for the man. Before he realises what happened.
seduces him quite easily, she changed her appearance. Each man gets the time of his life with Elandra. After and asking the man “if he would give EVERYTHING to marry her the rest of his life” they married.

A marriage implies having a decent contract. Fortunately this is the expertise of Ichdragzielen.



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