Forgotten Realms

Body shift

Visit of the architect

Marianne had already organised her part of the dungeon. After some discussion with Miior, they decided that the following rooms were necessary:
- temple to Baalzebub
- laboratory (can also be used for experiments)
- prison (for experiment subjects)
Beside this, the following rooms are necessary for having some luxury:
- bedrooms
- throne room
- theater

New path for orphans

Marianne thought about her long term planning. She decided that having a couple of well trained people could follow her up (or spread the word of Baalzebub). Therefor she went to the orphanage to give two orphans a new path in life. One of the chosen orphans was a rebel, who ran away twice. The other was a laughingstock of some orphans.
Marianne could count on her collegue Sulferius to help convincing Gretchen, the head of the orphanage, that the two orphans would be given a nice future.
After Miior went through the necessary administration with Gretchen, she brought the two orphans to “Ronny’s books”, the new shop of what once was “Ghelve’s Lockes”. Marianne and Miior were not very interested in showing the children around in the shop, so they brought them to their quarters in Jzadirune. After teaching them some manners, their training in the ways of Baalzebub started.

Frozen bodies

The party then decided to explore one of the caves that could be found on the edge of the water around the Malachite fortress. The priests of Loth, who helped conquering the dungeon, participated in the exploration. When entering one of the caves, they noticed that two caves merged to one room. It was quite could. Several blocks of ice blocked their way. A huge block of ice was cut by predecessors to provide a way to a double metal door.
Marianne has some knowledge about ancient history and searched her memory of she knew anything about the structure in this location. She remembered having read something about “Karran-Kural” and “Spell Weaver”.
Sulferious casted a fire elemental as precaution.
Kerry bursted through the locked doors, only to enter a room with a temperature of -12 °C. Fortunately the fire elemental increased the temperature a bit for those standing close to him.
The corridor was lit by a blue light eminating from the tiles on the ceiling, which also radiated the cold. There were also about ten columns of glass tubes, about 5 feet diameter, each containing a humanoid body with six arms floating in some substance.
The party didn’t give much thought about it and started hacking in one of the tubes. The glass seemed quit hard and with some effort Kerry, Marianne, Sulferius and the fire elemental destroyed one of the tubes. The body felled to the floor. The body was dragged to a boat, as the party wanted to lay the body in one of the prison cells. However the body suddenly awoke and tried to flee. Marianne counted on this and immediately attacked the six armed creature with a steal body spell, witch succeeded. Marianne took over the body and the essence of the creature was transferred to Marianne’s body. Kazul’s old body (Marianne), which was now controlled by the creature, was put in one of the prison cells.



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