Alek Tercival

Paladin of Helm


6’0” 180#, appears to be in his mid-thirties; Light brown hair, clean-shaven; plate armor with family crest on it (gold lion rampant on blue in 2 corners, burgundy and white diagonal stripes in other 2 corners – no colour on armor), shield has symbol of the god Helm— on it, longsword in a silver-chased scabbard, composite longbow.

This man has seen better days. His face and hands are filthy from days or perhaps weeks of isolation in this stony prison. His shaggy blond hair is greasy and unkempt. His eyes look haunted, and he twitches periodically, cringing away from something unseen. He is arrayed in filthy, which are in just as bad a shape as he is. He constantly utters preminitions, riddles.. His faith has not improved as he is now held captive by Marianne as a living oracle.


Alek is a paladin of Helm that often adventures around the Cauldron region. The paladin has disappeared about a year ago.

Alek is generally cordial but distant towards the party.

Very dedicated to the Temple of Helm, Cauldron, and law and order.

Alek Tercival came from a noble family in Cauldron who fell on hard times. When his parents died broke, he clung to the Church Helm, where his childhood friend Jenya Urikas did what she could to help him rise through the ranks and eventually become a paladin of that faith. He would go out on missions for the church hoping to earn a name for himself and restore his family’s honor.

Tercival was duped by a covey of greenhags.

Alek Tercival

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