Annah Taskerhill

Leader of the Stormblades. Daughter to Lord Ankhin Taskerhill.


Female human bard


Annah Taskerhill, if any, is the leader of the Stormblades, due to her gift with words and shocking beauty.. Shrewd and charming, calculating and adorable – to the core, Annah is both charismatic and lovely to behold. Daughter to Lord Ankhin Taskerhill, one of the wealthiest man in Cauldron. The Lord Taskerhill owns most of the mines in the region and augments his vast wealth with a modest trade in obsidian furniture, to boot. His daughter sits here now in the front row, clapping madly whenever the duo of Tenacious Tendencies pauses for breath in their storytelling.

Status: Adventuring in Cauldron.

Annah Taskerhill

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