Priest of Love - Out of service


Backlum is a wondering priest of love. His last known whereabouts have been Caudlron but he hasn’t been seen for a little while.


Backlum is a rather useless character. He is a priest of love, and part of a particular cult of the church. This cult sees having sex to be the ultimate way to show your love. So he runs around looking to have sex as much times as possible. He doesn’t make any exceptions for gender or race.

Backlum first came to the party in a underground temple where he actually did the one and only usefull deed ever, hold a dwarf so that the rest of the party could capture him. In the next adventures he usually was off somewhere having sex and made one big stand when an attacker came into his room, he pinned the man to the wall with his mancatcher and waited for help to come along. The last adventure Backlum was seen was when the inn was under attack and Kazul was wrestling a werewolf. Kazul decided to run inside to get some silver cuttelry and ordered the passing Backlum to keep hold of the creature. This failed and the creature got away, Backlum snuck away. His last known location is Cauldron but he can be in any bed outside the city as well.


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