Little Eddie

Priest of Tempus - Deceased


Little Eddie was a half orc fighter/priest


Little Eddie was a priest of Tempus. He was famous for his two sided axe and his bad temper. Constantly getting into fights over stupid things.

Former city guard they tried to dump him but he would not listen. In the end they made up a story that he was undercover in a adventuring party, which he believed for the rest of his live.

He also became an active member in the church of Tempus in Cauldron. Had a bit off a problem there with the High Priest, well at least the Half Orc says he is a high priest, who constantly wanted to molest him. Not wanting to kill the high priest he kept his anger to him but always pushed the high priest away. Eddie did spend all the money he made into the church. Changing it from a small building into a T shaped temple, which currently holds Eddie’s shrine since he died in the Lucky Monkey in a fight with a halfling with two daggers.

Little Eddie

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