Velkalan Uthar

Priest of fire - Leader of The Fire Hounds


Velkalan arrived at the temple of Kossut at Cauldron with his party. They will be doing odd jobs for the temple of fire.

chain mail
mace: SF 5 (2-handed), Thaco 18, 1d6 + 1 dam
hit points: 34
spells: 5/5/2


Velkalan first appearence didn’t make him to popular with Sulpherius. He arrived at the temple with Malifast bound and gagged. He and his party had intercepted the adventuring group that Sulpherius had hired to go to the stonelands to inform the temple there of his position in the hope they would promote him.

However Velkalan and his party did not believe them and killed the party with the exception of Malifast who they thaught was just acting as a priest of fire. Sulpherius however corrected their ways and the group decided to right the wrong and go to the stonelands with the message themselves.

Velkalan Uthar

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