Crater Lake

Chester row boat al bergin

Located right in the center of town, Crater Lake is one of the more unique features in the city of Cauldron.

The lake fills the bottom most part of the volcano’s caldera. All the drains and sewage of the city flow down to the central lake. The lake slowly drains into the vast tunnel and cavern system beneath the city, but in late autumn/winter, during the rainy season, the lake can and has often flooded, causing significant damage to the lower regions of the city. This almost yearly occurrence is what led to the founding of the annual Cauldron Flood Festival.

With all of the sewage from the city draining into the lake, it often gives off a fairly unpleasant odour. The water is generally clean however, as the local clerics routinely purify the water in exchange for charitable donations to their local temples. While there are some fishing opportunities in the lake, they are not abundant, and the local fishery market is not a significant one.

The other most notable thing about Crater Lake is that it is widely believed to be the home to a large monster. Legend tells of a horrible beast that makes it’s home in the lake, or at least comes up to the lake from time to time. Despite the legend being widely believed, only one actual person in Cauldron claims to have actually seen the monster, or at least only one person claims to have seen it and lived to tell the story. Bjellkir Zanathor survived his run-in with the so-called monster, but it cost him one of his legs. Despite his loss, he is always eager to share his story.

Crater Lake

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