Forgotten Realms

Students, a bless or a curse. A new visitor: friend of foe?

Kazul had some troubles finding a new name for his new form. He decided to be called “Ygdrassil”. After breaking his head about his new name, he watched more closely to the education of his students. Both Miior and her halfling assistent did a good job learning them the ways of Baalzebub, praying, painting pentagrams and initiation in combat. They advanced quite well.

The step daughter of Sulferius has the luxury of being able to make her own choices. For good or for bad, she showed some interest in the ways of Kossuth. During the last couple of weeks, several of Sulferius’ followers educated her in religion related to Kossuth. She was further initiated in combat, with the quarterstaff.

Elandra, who sold her soul to Baalzebub in exchange for more beauty, was plagued with nightmare from her goddess, who is not very happy about the situation. Als Elandra is already starting to loose spell points, she is searching for a way to get her soul back. Even selling the sould of a paladin is an option.
For this purpose, she needs to talk to Baalzebub to ash her soul back. This is, however, not an easy task. A ritual must be performed in order to speak with Baalzebub. The ritual involves slaying an innocent humanoid, fill a bath with the its blood and larvae and bathe naked in that bath. Meanwhile, four priests of Baalzebub need to chant around the bath. If Baalzebub then desires, flies will be summoned around Elandra, through which Baalzebub will address her.
The same ritual is also used to initiate priests.

One of the priests in the temple wanted to do some more effort to spread the word of Kossuth. Although the step daughter was rather enthousiastic with adding ideas to brand fanatic followers. These ideas were not very well appretiated by Sulferius. Elandra used this situation to charm one of the guards (probably to be sacrificed to Baalzebub).
Sulferius put the priest behind bars. If this was for punishment or for protection agains elandra was not clear.
That night, Sulferius explained his way of following the lore of Kossuth.

The Flood Festivals are about a few weeks away. Both Sulferius and Kazul decided to organize some games, events.. for these festivities.
Sulferius would like to have some fire workd, while Kazul was thinking about a contest between the strongest fighters of each temple or church.

When going home, Kazul noticed he was being watched by an invisible Ogre Mage. A well thrown dagger blew its cover and convinced the Ogre to fly away.

After spending a couple of hours on his throne in Jzadirune, a couple of drow warned Kazul of something coming through the dungeon walls. Kazul huried to The Malachite Fortress, while sending Miior for help.
After a couple of minutes, a metal umberhuld digged through the walls, somewhere between the fortress and the water.
Some invisible Ogre Magi and an invisible metal beholder left the cave, securing the perimeter. The drow and Kazul could each see some them because of their magic resistance. Many ogres followed and started climbing the bridge. Then, because of his magic resistance again, Kazul could see the real intruder: Phantasm. Phantasm was further accompanied by Shar and Buy Bad, a drow warrior. Luckily, Phantasm did not come there for a fight.

When the party arrived, they had a chat what Phantasm actually wanted. Phantasm was very interested in the bodies of the Spell Weavers, the Soul Pillars that should be hidden somewhere near The Malachite Fortress and the Soul Cage haning in Kazul’s quarters. Phantasm payed about 5000 gp for the cage and is further going to pay a 2000 gp per living body of the Spell Weavers.
The deal was accepted by the party (off course not without having a debate how the money would be distributed).



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