Forgotten Realms

The hunt for Mulch

1 Temple of Kossuth siege

The temple of our priest of Kossuth, Sulferius, has recently been the target of strifeleaders. Through some unexpected information from Celeste, the party knew they were going to be attacked soon. Sulferius asked support to Leonard and the Stormblades to defend his temple.
The victory for Kossuth was complete. The attackers, with some high level strifeleaders, were eliminated.
After Marianne did some knowledge drains on the survivors, the party learned that the Necromancer Mulch (who Marianne sought) had a slave market in the Malachite Fortress. Further Marianne retrieved a lot of information about the last Laugh and several wizards involved in the intrigues and the circumstances in Cauldron.
Marianne also succeeded in turning one of the surviving axemen into a very faithfull follower of Beelzebub.

2 Conquer Jzadirune and the Malachite Fortress

2.1 Jzadirune

Some members of the unnamed party, like Marianne, have already been in this dungeon several times. So the place was, thanks to Mariannes’s precise memory, familiar to her. The unnamed party was further helped by Ronny King, Leonard, Kerry (the mad axeman), the Stormblades and three priests of Loth. The priests of Loth had a deal that they would help conquering the dungeon if they were allowed to have a place in the dungeon to build there temple and proceed with the slave market.

It took the party several ambushes against a small army of half-orcs to clean most of the dungeon.
They were then attacked by two invisible monsters, what almost cost one of the females of the unnamed party. A wandering Elandra joined the party somewhere at that point.
Jzadirune also harboured some strifeleaders, who had a temple in Jzadirune, where they worshipped Cyric. The party slaughtered most of them, which forced the surviving strifeleaders to flee to the lower level: the Malachite Fortress.

2.2 The Malachite Fortress

Again Marianne was quite familiar with the Malachite Fortress. There were a couple of titanic battles with half-orcs, the remaining strifeleaders and the Necrocants. The Necrocants were an adventuring party, led by Mulch.
After wiping out the whole level, the unnamed party became master and ruler of Jzadirune and the Malachite Fortress.



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