aka Lukaz, the Bard; Damien, the Squire; Eth Al Zuk, Bringer of Dead, Marjan, high priestess of Bahamut.


Kazul was brought to the prime material plane by Beelzebub to collect as many souls as possible. His constant thirst for power has lead him constantly towards the nameless party. This party seemed to come into contact with all kind of powerful artifacts like the legendary sword “Chaos Reaver” and the “Masks of Destiny”.

During these travels he has made many friends and even more enemies. Chuck Lee, the backstabbing ninja of the party is one of these enemies. He also has a difficult relationship with Elandra, the party enchantress, who sold her soul for beauty.

Faith brought him together with Miior, a malefica witch of Beelzebub, who became his wife. She was locked in the haunted hall of evening star for many centuries. He can also count Kerry, aka the mad axeman, among his loyal followers.

After conquering Jzadirune and the Malachite Fortress, Kazul decided to use these locations as a base of operations and a temple for all who follow the way of Beelzebub. Followers of Lloth and Kossuth, who helped to clean the dungeon, stay welcome in these locations. To restore this fortress to it’s former glory Kazul will need money, lots of money. Lucky he can allways count on Phantasm, some kind of freak who’s looking after the Masks of Destiny and who’s trying to stop a cult named the “Cagewrights” from creating a gate to hell. Phantasm has lots of money and he always pays well for the tasks he has. Recently Phantasm decided to rent some room in the Malachite Fortress. The Temple to Beelzebub and the restoration of an Underdark slave market are the other ways to create a steady income.

Since Kazul wanted to make at least someone would step into his footsteps, and babies take too much time to age, he decided to adopt two orphans (Kellen and Essuth from the Cauldron orphanage. They are currently enjoying a heavy training by Miior, her loyal servant Revel and Kerry.

The success of this Temple project started to spread. Two bugbear disciples of Beelzebub(Evelcore and Sharvakas) and two bugbear warriors (Rulkriss and Felldrak) decided to join the temple and increase its glory.


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