Maavu Arlintal

A merchant in Cauldron, also a member of the Chisel


Maavu Arlintal is an extremely successful merchant, and the richest man in Cauldron. He runs the highly successful trading company Maavu’s Imports, and has used his earnings wisely by investing in real estate around the city. He currently pays virtually no taxes due to an arrangement he has worked out with the city allowing the city to use several of Maavu’s warehouses as granaries for the town’s food supply free of charge.

Maavu was offered a noble title 7 years ago, but he turned it down. His disdain for the nobility (and for “old money” in general) is well known.

Maavu is also known to be a dabbler in the arcane arts, and is believed to be a member of a semi-secret society known as The Chisel.

Some time ago, a fiendish umber hulk was called in one of his warehouses and rampaged briefly through the city before being stopped by Freedom’s Dawn. The Town Guard believe that Maavu and his counterparts may have been responsible, and have been investigating the possibility. When town officials tried to get information about his business, his subordinates proved to be very evasive and difficult to deal with. They claimed that Maavu was out of town on business and unavailable to speak to the party.

As the Town Guard was strengthened and began to become more oppressive, Maavu organized a protest outside of Town Hall that spiraled out of control thanks to the intervention of provocateurs believed to be connected to The Last Laugh. When the protest became a riot, Maavu was accused and convicted of treason, and his assets were seized as he fled to Redgorge. When it finally became clear that he was innocent and the invasion of Redgorge was countered by the Redgorge garnizon and some heroes, the death sentence on his head was revoked.

Maavu Arlintal

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