Sulpherius, the everburning flame

High Priest of the Temple of Fire in Cauldron


Sulpherius is the high priest of the temple of fire. He has been nicknamed the Everburning Flame.

Sulpherius is a neutral evil person who just wants to make his temple well know in Cauldron and make it a great temple.


Sulpherius was a priest of the temple of fire who has been send to Cauldron to take the temple back from the priest of disease. Together with the party he succeeded and renamed the temple ‘The Church of Saint Pelenor’.

He has a daughter he has adopted from the orphanage.

Since then the priest has managed to get more followers. At first 2 priest joined his church, a bit later 2 more joined.

He has hired a small low level party to a main place of the church in the Stonelands. But unfortunatly the party was wiped out by a group of adventurers under the command of a priest of the temple of fire. For their stupid deed they will now replace the adventuring party and bring the message to the church.

Sulpherius, the everburning flame

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