Triel Eldurast

Priest of the Ebon Triad


Triel is a red-haired woman with facial tattoos and spiked full plate armor. Former member of the local Town Guard who escaped justice after murdering a number of her fellow guardsmen almost a decade ago. She resurfaced at the beginning of the winter, murdering the high priest of St Cutbert Sarcem Delasharn and stealing the wands of water control which he had had crafted for Cauldron using both church and his own personal funds.

The party learned from Artus that Triel had joined a group known as the Ebon Triad, and had a base of operations underneath Cauldron, reachable via a hidden lava tube.

She was summarily defeated by the party in in the Kopru Ruins, her lair beneath the city.
The party learned that Triel was the one behind Tongueeater attack on The Lucky Monkey.

She escaped the Kopry Ruins, but was slain in Cauldron city. However she was later resurrected again. This only to be slain again when she attacked the Lucky Monkey.

Triel Eldurast

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