The Last Laugh


A notorious thieves guild that operates in Cauldron. Their membership is numerous and they rule the underbelly of Cauldron with both a smooth tongue and an iron fist. Who leads them, where they are based and what their ultimate motives may be are not known to any but a few outside of the guild. What is known however, is that they are not a force to be taken lightly, and that there is a uneasy agreement between The Last Laugh and the Cauldron Town Guard to stay out of each other’s business. Whatever their ultimate goals lie, it is also common knowledge that, for a price, a member of The Last Laugh will do almost anything.

While most operatives obviously operate in secret, some operate in the open, and from time to time folks will be seen wearing a grinning harlequin mask or face-paint that clearly indicates that they are aligned with The Last Laugh.
The Last Laugh ia a mysterious new underground group that has recently appeared on the streets of Cauldron. Known for its use of black and white face paint and public acts of defiance and crime, the group appears to be gaining power and notoriety among the criminal elements of the city.

A recent spate of coinage defacement in the area has been attributed to the Last Laugh group. Coins have had the capitol crest removed and the image of a laughing joker imprinted on them. Two weeks prior to the start of this adventure the Cauldron City Council declared use of those coins illegal and those found guilty subject to arrest and incarceration. Defaced coins can be turned into the City Guard and compensation for the exchange can be recieved at the Town Hall. A reward has been issued by the Mayor’s Office for information leading to the arrest of individuals involved with the coin defacement.

The party may have had a run-in with the Last Laugh when first arriving at Cauldron. The party saved Ruphus Laro from a beating at the hands of three black and white faced ruffians. It turned out that the trio were Wall Duty guardsmen who had been approached and hired by a mysterious woman with a painted face. She had them paint their faces, as well, before the attack. Their connection with the Last Laugh is slim, at best.

It also appears as if the Last Laugh may be comming to heads with the long-existing underground crime organization known as the Alleybashers.

The Last Laugh

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